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Merkaba Meditation Ancient Form of Meditation

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Merkaba Meditation


Merkaba meditation is an ancient form of meditation that uses the energy field called merkaba. The word “merkaba” comes from the Hebrew word for “wheel.” The practitioners of this form of meditation use their mind, body and spirit to connect with their higher self and divine source.

What is merkaba meditation?

Merkaba meditation is a form of meditation that focuses on the merkaba, a geometric shape that is formed by two interlocking tetrahedrons. The merkaba can be visualized as an interconnected web or as a sphere in which each point has access to all other points.

The first step in merkaba meditation is to visualize this geometric shape and then meditate upon it until you feel peaceful, secure and at ease inside yourself. You might even start seeing your body changing into different shapes like those we discussed earlier!

Those who practice merkaba meditation have a lot to say about it.

Merkaba meditation is a spiritual practice that has been around for thousands of years. It’s a form of meditation that helps you connect to your higher self, and it can help you find clarity in your life.

The concept behind merkaba meditation is simple: You visualize the spinning energy field around you as an egg-shaped object with a white ball at its center (hence its name). This spinning energy field contains all information about this universe and exists within each individual human being. When we meditate on it, we learn how to merge into this energy field so that we become one with it—and thus become part of everything in creation!

Merkaba means “wheel” and “Kabah” means “place of god.”

Merkaba meditation is a spiritual practice that aims to build up the lightbody, or merkaba. The word merkaba comes from Hebrew and Arabic and means “wheel.” Kabah means “place of god.” The concept can be traced back to biblical times when King David prayed for protection over his people by connecting himself with their collective consciousness through prayer, meditation and song.

The idea behind this technique is to use sound vibrations as a way of healing yourself and others around you by focusing on specific areas within your body (the chakras). This can done through mantra chanting or any other type of vocalization such as humming or singing while holding hands with another person who’s also doing it—you’ll see what works best for you!

Why is it called merkaba meditation?

Merkaba is a geometric shape that often appears in art, especially those of ancient civilizations. It’s also the name of an imaginary celestial vehicle that transports the soul from one dimension to another. Merkaba meditation is a spiritual practice that uses this shape to achieve inner peace and balance.

Merkabas can be create with string or crystals and are use as meditative tools by practitioners who wish to achieve enlightenment through their own mental abilities rather than through external influences such as religion or technology.

How is merkaba meditation different from other forms of meditation?

Merkaba meditation is a form of meditation that focuses on the chakra system. It was develop by Drunvalo Melchizedek, who said that it can help you balance your energy and get in touch with your higher self.

In merkaba meditation, you sit or lie down in a position where all three energy centers are align with each other: heart, throat (3rd eye), brow (2nd eye). You may also place a crystal ball between your knees to further align yourself with these energies.

How to do merkaba meditation.

Merkaba meditation is a form of meditation that uses the merkaba, which is an energy field that connects all things in our universe. The merkaba can thought of as a spiritual ocean. It exists between dimensions and has been describe as “a living whirlpool.”

The technique is simple: you sit down with your eyes closed, picture yourself floating on top of this oceanic vortex, feel yourself pull into it by your own thoughts—and then relax happily for awhile. Eventually you’ll start getting sleepy or hungry; don’t worry about this! You’re just letting go so that you can rest peacefully without any distractions from outside sources (like food).


The merkaba meditation is a method of self-development that was develop by Dr. John-Roger. It’s different from other types of meditation because it involves the use of visualizations and mental imagery. This technique can help you achieve inner peace and connection with our higher self through visualization, which allows us to see ourselves as perfect beings while still living in this imperfect world where we are always surround by suffering and negativity. For more information visit us.

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