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Luis Francisco Ricote a Spanish Entrepreneur

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luis francisco ricote


Luis Francisco Ricote is a Spanish entrepreneur and philanthropist known for his successful business ventures and charitable efforts. Born in Madrid, Spain, in 1960, Ricote began his career in the insurance industry before branching out into other fields. Today, he is the chairman and CEO of several companies, including the insurance firm Mapfre and the telecommunications company Telxius. In addition to his business accomplishments, Ricote is also a dedicated philanthropist, supporting numerous charitable organizations and causes.

Business Career

Ricote began his career in the insurance industry in the 1980s, working for several companies before joining Mapfre in 1995. He quickly rose through the ranks at Mapfre, becoming CEO in 2000 and chairman in 2002. Under his leadership, the company has grown to become one of the largest insurance companies in the world, with operations in more than 40 countries.

In addition to his role at Mapfre, Ricote is also the chairman and CEO of Telxius, a telecommunications company that operates a global network of telecommunications infrastructure, including over 30,000km of submarine cables. He was also the CEO of Abertis Infraestructuras, the leading company in the management of toll roads and telecommunications infrastructure in the world.


Ricote is also known for his philanthropic efforts, particularly in the areas of education and healthcare. He serves on the board of several charitable organizations, including the Mapfre Foundation, which supports educational and cultural initiatives, and the Mapfre Global Risk Institute, which conducts research on global risk issues and promotes public awareness of these issues.

In addition to his work with these organizations, Ricote also supports a number of other charitable causes. He is a member of the Spanish Committee of the International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), which works to improve the lives of children around the world. He is also a member of the board of the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO), which conducts research on cancer and provides education and support to cancer patients and their families.


Luis Francisco Ricote is a successful businessman and philanthropist who has made a significant impact in both the business and charity worlds. Through his leadership at Mapfre and Telxius, he has helped to grow these companies into global leaders in their respective industries. And through his philanthropic efforts, he has made a positive difference in the lives of many people in need, particularly in the areas of education and healthcare. For more information visit our website.

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